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Trencher Teeth

Trencher Teeth

The single most important component in the entire digging system are the Trencher Teeth on your cutting system. Trencher Q offers the widest selection of cutting teeth throughout the trenching industry. We offer cup cutters with embedded carbide hardfacing to give you maximum performance. We also offer many styles of carbide rock teeth, such as carbide rotary teeth, carbide Terminator® teeth and groundbreakers. Trencher Q also have a wide variety of adapters for carbide teeth.

Let TrencherQ help, by keeping you digging. Call Billy Jones (parts manager) today at our office (731)554-1184

Assure the sharpness of your digging teeth by visually inspecting. Inspect teeth to verify that the hardfacing on the teeth cutting edge is intact. We are here to help you replace them when the hardfacing wears away. We offer many other types of trencher parts at excellent prices.

Need help picking the right Trencher Teeth for the job?

We have a full line of digging teeth and replacement trencher chain parts ready to ship. We have worked in underground utilities all around the USA and have found certain teeth work better in certain locations. Let our experience work for you and make choosing the right teeth easy. We can help contact us today.

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We sell a wide variety of Trencher Teeth that are suited for many different job requirements.